The Secret to Putting Players on Tilt Online

One of the best tools that you have in your bag of tricks when playing cards online is putting players on tilt. Tilt is when you give someone a bad beat and they simply can not let the issue rest, so it alters their play to the point that things begin to spiral out of control until they either leave or leave broke. If you want to learn how to push a player on tilt, check out a couple of these simple tips.

Flashing Your Opponent Repeatedly

The object here is to get a player off their game t the point that they will start making the wrong bets and giving away their money faster. The best way to do this is after you beat a player, flash them your hole cards. Go after them again and only flash them the hole cards when you beat them. Make a bluff, win the bot, flash the hole cards. Continue flashing them the bad beats and they will begin to grow tried and want to get even. They make one wrong decision for all their chips and you could double up quickly.

Using the Poker Room Chat Feature

One of the best ways to distract a certain player is start with the chat talk directed to them. Make comments about their slow play, dare them to call you, and if they do call and you hit them with a bad beat, continue talking about how awful of a bad beat that was. Let them know you think they are the donkey at the table, and be sure to remind them what you plan on doing with all the money you just took from them. They will eventually make another bad play, and you will benefit with their chips in your stack. Click on agen poker for more details.